Our scanners capture detail at 0.3mm volumetric accuracy and scans can be carried out in full colour if required. 

We have fully portable scanners which allow us to scan on site with your parts, or they can be sent into our facility to be captured.

Our white light 3D scanners are capable capturing a very dense point cloud ideal to generate high-quality STL meshes​

Scanner: EinScan HX

Accuracy: Within 0.04mm using laser, up to 0.05mm using blue light technology (rapid scanning)

Speed: 55 frames/sec 1,200,000 points/sec

Range: 420 x 440mm range per scan image. 

Uses: A fast, high resolution handheld scanner. Used for new project and most reverse engineering scans. Will scan everything from bolts to cars as well as feature and featureless items.  Utilising laser and blue scanning technology it can also be used in the scanning of historical artefacts.

Scanner: EinScan SP

Accuracy: Within 0.05mm in single position, up to 2deg turntable increments

Range: 200 x 200 x200 using turntable, 

Uses: A fast, high resolution turntable scanner. Ideally suited for small intricate objects

In summary……we can provide:

  • Non-invasive 3D capture of a variety of surfaces.
  • Scan data captured up to 0,04mm accuracy. 
  • We scan parts as small as a large parts. 
  • Data output in the following formats: .STL .STEP .IGES .X_T.
  • Free initial consultation to discuss your project.
  • Fast turn around on 3D Scanning. 
  • On site and off site services available.